— I am passionate about people being able to see the possibilities in life and having the courage to write this into a vision for their future.


— What you like now will change and grow with time, but you'll get to try things on for size and see if you like them - and we can build your learning around that as you grow.


— In year 10 I made a promise to myself, that by the time I graduated from Silkwood I would walk out with my own business. And I did.


A guide for applicants

The very fact that you are applying for this prestigious scholarship indicates that you already have a vision for your future. The Young Entrepreneur Scholarship is designed to help you to turn that vision into reality.

It’s vitally important, therefore, that you give yourself every chance to succeed in your quest to be selected for this scholarship.

Following the guidelines you see here will assist you in presenting the best possible application to the selection committee, so give them your close attention.

Good luck in your application and, of course, if you have further questions, please make sure to contact me at:

(07) 5655 0300 principal@silkwood.qld.edu.au

Wishing you success,
Terry O’Hanlon-Rose

Ideally, your application should demonstrate that:

  • You have a business, creative or innovative idea that you are passionate about developing
  • You would look forward to being mentored by a successful person from your field of interest
  • You are a self-motivated learner and doer
  • You are willing to give your best and work hard to achieve your dream
  • You have a positive and respecful attitude towards others
  • You want more from your education than just learning subjects and sitting tests
  • You want to make a difference in your home, school and the world

Here are some things we suggest you submit with your application.


A project plan for your business, creative or innovative idea


A letter outlining why you think the Silkwood learning environment is right for you


A statement outlining what you hope to achieve from your Silkwood experience


A list of personal achievements you feel proud about


A short description of your passions and interests and how you work on them


A letter in support of your application from your parents


A selection of character references from;

  • Teachers
  • Professional people who know you well
  • Coaches, activity instructors and mentors
  • Any community leaders who might know you.
Young Entrepreneur Scholarship applications are now closed.

Scholarship applications close 11.59 pm on 20 May 2019.

It is free to apply for the Young Entrepreneur Scholarship.

Successful applicants receive free tuition for their years of schooling at Silkwood School.

$100 Enrolment Fee is payable upon acceptance of the Scholarship in order to secure placement.

Any fees outside of tuition are payable by the parent(s) or guardian(s) as per normal conditions of enrolment, i.e., the Family Enrolment Bond, the capital levy, camps, excursions, materials, and extracurricular activities.

Conditions of the Silkwood Enrolment Contract apply where not in reference to tuition fees.

The parent(s) or guardian(s) and students undertake to accept the Silkwood Enrolment Commitment and support the rules and learning programs of the School.

Silkwood School reserves the right to recover any financial assistance provided for a student if the recipient leaves Silkwood for reasons other than graduating or change of location. The Young Entrepreneur Scholarship can not be recommenced if the recipient leaves and then re-enrols in the school for any reason.

2019 Young Entrepreneur Scholarship eligibility is limited only to new students due to the not for profit rules pertaining to scholarship funds.

Young Entrepreneur Scholarships for candidates seeking placement in term 1 2020 are open to both new and current students.